Mobile App

The H&R Block Emerald Card comes loaded with an array of perks and features which you might not be aware of. The biggest USP of this card is its Direct Deposit feature which allows avoiding check cashing fees on your payroll, government, or unemployment benefits while gaining fast access to funds on payday.Emerald-Card

Emerald Card‘s Check-to-Check service allows loading check funds using the Emerald mobile app into your card account. Once the check has been loaded through the mobile app, users are offered the option of getting their funds in minutes by paying fees or in days without paying any fee.

H&R Block Mobile App

Now mobile apps are also available to download for both Android and iOS platforms. All customers can visit the mobile apps page to check all the features and benefits the H&R Block Mobile app offers.

How to download the mobile app?

  • Visit the page through your mobile browser.
  • You will find the mobile app links for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Click the mobile app link; you will be redirected to a mobile app page on the Google Play Store or Apple app store.
  • Your smartphone will begin downloading the app when you click the Installation button.
  • Once downloaded, finish, open the app, and use your Username and Password to access your account.


Benefits of the H&R Block mobile app:

  • Check your account information through your mobile.
  • File your tax return online directly through the mobile app.
  • Keep track of important information with just a click through your smartphone.
  • Manage your Emerald card account through mobile apps and check important information such as account balance, previous transaction details, refund details, etc.
  • Easily check your refund status through your mobile apps.
  • Consult with tax pros and get professional tax advice through video chat and messages.
  • Customers can store important documents online through the mobile app by just taking a picture or uploading it.