I need to log in to Block Emerald Card to access my account. How do I do that? What are the essential features of this card, and what kind of services does it offer customers? What are the main advantages and disadvantages? We will discuss everything about the Emerald card in this article.Emerald-Card

Stay with us and find all the helpful information below. The Emerald Card is a prepaid card that is a financial product of H&R Block. It is used to obtain tax-related refunds to your account, which cardholders can use at any time.

Features Of Emerald Card

Card facility: Get a digital secured card in your H&R Block mobile app. Customers can use this digital card for making payments and other transactions.

Transaction details: Customers can access all transaction details via the mobile app or online. Account balances and previous transactions can be viewed easily by customers.

Paying your bill: Log in to your mobile app and pay the bill through your Emerald card account. The Emerald Card account can be loaded with funds used for shopping, paying bills, etc. Funds can be easily added by direct cash deposit at the selected retail outlet, check, Mobile app, through any account connected to the H&R Block account, etc. All funds available in your Emerald Card are FDIC insured per applicable laws.


Benefits of Mastercard: Emerald card is powered by Mastercard, and customers are protected against unauthorized transactions.

Benefits of Tax Refunds: Cardholders can receive a tax refund-related loan after the approval, and loan amounts depend on the tax refund amount. You will receive a tax refund after the loan amount has been deducted. Upon approval, the loan will be loaded onto your Emerald Prepaid Mastercard.

Rewards and cashback: With the Emerald Mastercard, you can earn rewards and cashback.